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Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Product Designer obsessed with bridging people, technology, data, and design strategies together to create impactful products. Specialties: Mobile & Web Applications, Hardware/Software Interaction, UX, UI, Information Architecture, Critical Thinking, Trend Forecasting, Strategy, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision Studio, Framer X, Rapid Prototyping.

Lenmo Protocol Inc - Fintech Company
San Francisco, November 2017 to Present, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Designed Lenmo’s digital experience.

  • Lenmo: Designed IOS, Android, and Web App Blockchain-based Lending Platform.
  • Falcon: Designed the Web API Portal presenting a scaling solution enabling high volume low-cost transactions needed for mass business and user adoption of blockchain technology. 'Swift like' protocol for Blockchain-based Applications.
Shipstudio - Digital Agency
San Francisco, 2016 - 2017, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Worked with clients to design unique user experiences to meet their business goals and criteria.

  • XRBase: Designed XRBASE as the hub for VR/AR(XR) innovation in Europe. Based in Amsterdam and Berlin, BASE offers XR related services around the world.
  • ARTandVR: Designed ARTandVR to brings together the best in underground art and indie coding resulting in multi-layered, sensorial, groundbreaking events.
UploadVR - Immersive Tech Publication
San Francisco, 2015 - 2016, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Designed UploadVR’s popular publication focused on spatial computing reaching over 200m people across all platforms in 4 years. Supported all of the company’s diverse business units, assisting with strategy, partnerships, fundraising, and more. Supported the creation of organic growth going from 0 to 40k monthly unique visitors in 5 months. Followed by a period of fast 20% MoM growth that culminated in over 586k monthly unique users by the end of 2016 with a peak of over 790k users in a single month - on the website alone. Designed the company's ecosystem for developers consisting of an industry publication, a developer academy and verticalized coworking environments for spatial computing developers. Housed over 150 companies and hundreds of students. Supported over 250 events between 2014 and 2016, alongside my talented team. Aided in fundraising efforts that culminated in over $6m raised in 3 years. Grew and cultivated a vast network of high-level contacts in and around the spatial computing industry

  • SIFT (Product Summary: Netflix meets Angellist for transparent VR industry)
Storefront - Rent Retail Space & Popup Platform
San Francisco, 2014 - 2015, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Redesigned Storefront’s mobile and desktop web applications to automate the brick and mortar retail marketplace, increase rentals, increase pop-up success, maximize user experiences, build brand value, and drive overall growth.

GURU - Digital Agency
San Francisco, 2014, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Responsible for working with clients to design unique user experiences to meet their business goals and criteria.

Hypejar - Product Curation App
Montreal, 2014, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Designed Hypejar’s IOS App experience to generate excitement, conversation, and publicity, for early adopters to discover, track, and pre-order products.

Rounded - Digital Agency
Syracuse, 2013, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Responsible for working with clients to design unique user experiences to meet their business goals and criteria.

BeginU - Product Management for Students
Syracuse, 2012 - 2014, Product Designer | IA/UX/UI

Before LinkedIn started tracking skill sets, I designed and built BeginU to help students be more productive and capitalize on their college careers. BeginU facilitated collaboration in and out of the classroom, tracked work, and automatically built student resumes.

Syracuse University