Roarke is a Product Manager, Designer, Tinkerer, and Technology Enthusiast

Roarke has 8 years of experience working on digital products for companies including Idean (now Frog), IBM, JnJ, FDIC, Samsung, AWS, Belden, Lenmo (now Lenme), BrandYourself, UploadVR, Storefront, and One Percent For The Planet.

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Aloha 🤙

At the end of the day, my goal is to empower my team to view the product and its features from the eyes of the user and to create an optimized experience that eases pain points and brings joy.

As a former Product Designer turned Product Manager, I understand what it means to build products that are high-quality, cohesive, and scalable. I have built awareness for the small details, which is helpful for working through requirements, visualizations, models, and prototypes with cross-functional team members. I feel at ease working with data scientists, engineers, creatives & other business-oriented individuals. I can appropriately approach problem-solving and actively maintain a holistic viewpoint through various phases.

I have multiple years of experience in a wide range of disciplines including entrepreneurship, agile management, data, analytics, conversion optimization, and UX. These experiences have given me unique insights into the product lifecycle and has allowed me to think through the entire customer journey while challenging assumptions.

Roarke on an adventure in Point Reyes National Seashore, CA.