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8+ years working on digital products for companies including



Roarke compassionately views products from the eyes of users and inspires his teams to create optimized experiences that ease pain points, spark delight, and drive exceptional business growth.

As a leader, Roarke prioritizes fostering a "we win together" culture, encourage his team members to achieve their best through a growth mindset mentality. Roarke is an effective communicator good at articulating product vision, requirements, and progress to stakeholders at all levels, ensuring everyone stays aligned and focused on achieving our objectives.

With years of entrepreneurship, product design, and product management experience, Roarke has a comprehensive grasp of Agile methodologies, product lifecycles, and business requirements, enabling my cross-functional teams to iterate quickly. He is adept at challenging assumptions, transforming sketches and prototypes into high-quality, cohesive, and scalable products, and providing guidance to team members to build products that meet and exceed user expectations.

Roarke is deeply passionate about improving people's lives, both within his teams and through the exceptional products they create.

Noteworthy Skills & Tools

Complete Product Lifecycle, Customer Interviews & Personas, Journey Maps, Market Research, Hypothesis Validation, Data Analysis & Visualization, Digital Marketing, Design & UX Principles, Google Sheets, Looker, MixPanel, Pandas, Optimizely, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Figma, Miro, Mural, ProductBoard, Keynote, Webflow, Wized, InVision, Affinity Designer, Adobe Suite, G Suite Apps, Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Typeform, Asana, Jira, Linear.app, Airtable, SCRUM & Agile Methodology, LookML, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL), HTML/CSS

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