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I hope you enjoy my select work. Now, a bit about me...

Product management specialist with drive and willingness to broaden his knowledge and jump into the unknown.

Proven track record of taking products from conception to product-market fit in both B2C and B2B industries, including fintech, SaaS, and news media. Led product teams responsible for products used by hundreds of millions of users generating millions in profit.

Outside the office, enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering at alohatreealliance.org, running, surfing, hiking, building prototypes, and attending meetups to stay connected with the product management community.

- About

8+ years working on digital products for companies including

Product management strategy, roadmap development, prioritization and decision-making, stakeholder management, leadership and team building, product positioning and messaging, competitive analysis, market research, product-market fit, product launch, go-to-market strategy, pricing and revenue strategy, complete product lifecycle, customer interviews & personas, journey maps, data analysis & visualization, product metrics and KPIs, design thinking, UX, prototyping, user onboarding and retention, communication, storytelling, agile & scrum methodology, optimizing cadence and teamwork processes, & continuous improvement.

- Expertise

"You were always willing to go above and beyond what was expected. Your commitment was very inspiring: you pushed the boundaries and made those around you consider new and better approaches. I look forward to seeing what you do next!"

- Erik Eliason | Co-Founder & CEO of Storefront

- Testimonials

• Coined the word malpublish
• Created alohatreealliance.org
• Sold company to Lenme.com
• Two-time HI state champion paddler
• Featured in sports Illustrated
• Born in Hong Kong; lived in NY, CA, & HI

- Accomplishments